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This is me, nothing more, nothing less

28 June 1987
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» I'm 20
» I'm multiracial (mom is creole and Native American, father is French Canadian - white/blk)
» I work full-time as an editorial assistant at a large newspaper, trying to work my way up to editor status (we'll see how THAT'LL pan out). I work as a Web editor now at a large Ohio paper :)
» I live on my own and love to travel by myself to different places
» I've lived in Michigan, Washington and Idaho, and now am back in Michigan I live in Ohio (temporarily)
» I love Brazil and REALLY want to go there in '08
» I used to be in a band, but I am still addicted to music
» I LOVE to shop and make other people feel good
» I don't stand for anyone's crap, even when I'm outnumbered
» I can be just as mean as I am nice
» I was born/raised in Detroit
» I love when people compare my looks to Kimora Lee's (I LOVE her!)

I ♥ making friends. I'm starting this journal back up. Just comment somewhere in my journal; tell me a little about yourself to be added. All of my new entries are friends only!

Some of my old LJs:
I am a girl of many journals, with better names. But I can't remember the passwords :(
Other LJs:
... and some others

I'll probably change this one, soon.